Palmer Ridge Robotics - About

2014 Team at Competition

The Palmer Ridge Robotics Team 4068, Palmer Ridge Bearbotics, represents Lewis Palmer School District #38 at FRC - the FIRST Robotics Competition. Membership is open to any high schooler in D38.

Every year, the team is presented with a game from FIRST, for which we must design, build, and program a robot from scratch. The game is kept secret until the Kickoff on the first Saturday of January, when FIRST announces the game live across the world. The challenge always involves using the robot to manipulate game pieces along with an alliance, a group of other teams and their robots, with whom the robot must collaborate to score points through mechanisms provided in game.

In 2014, the game was to construct a robot to move an exercise ball around the field. Points were awarded for scoring goals, and additional points could be scored by making assists by passing the ball between robots. Additionally, there was a truss over which any robot could pass the ball to gain a ten point bonus. The game began with an autonomous period during which the robots were operated solely by their programming. After that begins the Teleop period, during which the robot is controlled by drivers.

PRHS Bearbotics has competed in three competitions, and during the rookie season, won the Rookie Inspiration Award. This most recent regional, we earned a spot in the fourth seed alliance and made it to the quarter finals.

The PRHS Bearbotics team provides opportunities for students in a variety of different areas. Students learn a variety of skills, from engineering to programming, and even to business and communication. There's a job for any student on the team, such as taking inventory, managing finances, electrical and mechanical engineering, and even advertising and event organization. The team teaches teamwork and valuable life skills to all of its members. Additionally, members of FRC teams have the opportunity to earn scholarships. FRC hands out over $22 million in scholarship money per year.